Green Groups

Our green groups are separated by age, 8&U, 9-10, 11-12, 13&O, and offer practice at all 7 of our facilities when they are open. These groups are geared toward swimmers learning how to become competitive and lifelong swimmers. There is no requirement for practices, swimmers may attend as many or as few as they would like. Groups are priced lower than swim lessons, are very flexible, and have zero commitment. There are no required fundraising or service hours.  Swimmers can start or stop at any time. While 100% optional green group swimmers are encouraged to attend Mini Meets each month to gain racing experience and meet other green group swimmers from other locations.  Anyone that can swim the length of the pool, 25 yards on their front and back, and is water-safe may join these groups. No assessment is needed, however, if you are unsure if they are ready, please email us to set up a time to try a practice first. 

Green Groups Schedule 


Our Masters program is for any adult at any age looking to be a part of a swim team.  We offer 3 different practice options at every workout to accommodate everyone from learning how to lap swim all the way to competing at Masters Nationals. Our coaching staff has lots of experience both teaching swimming to adults and coaching competitive swimming. Our Masters program offers an incredible community of swimmers and coaches all there to support each other.

Masters Schedule 

Senior Varsity

Senior Varsity is for swimmers 13 and older looking for a step up in training from our 13 & O Green group. Swimmers can qualify and move into this group at any time throughout the year by being assessed by a 13&O green group coach.  This group is still part of our green group programming which means there is zero commitment and zero requirement on how many practices they need to attend. This group trains primarily out of the University of Oregon Pool. This group may attend Mini Meets or our local invitationals, all although meets are still optional at this level. See the green group schedule for senior varsity practice schedule. 

Blue & Grey Groups

Blue groups are separated by age, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and senior which is for swimmers 15 and over, and offer competitive programming designed to prepare swimmers for State and Regional level competition. Grey groups are also separated by the same age groups, however, there is no grey group for swimmers 8 and younger.  Grey groups are designed for swimmers on a path to compete at the national level or are ranked highly within our club by age.  There are a required number of practices and swim meets depending on the age of the swimmer.  Blue and Grey have a season-long commitment with our seasons going from September-March and April-August.  Blue and Grey groups have required fundraising, and service hours, and are an increase in price from our green group programming.  These groups train out of one set location which depends on the age of the swimmer and their group, blue or grey.  These groups are demanding and require swimmers to commit to a long-term process of hard work and dedication, however, the payoff is tremendous.  Many swimmers in these groups go on to compete at the highest levels statewide and nationally and go on to swim in college. Swimmers learn how to appreciate hard work and how to translate what they do in the pool to life outside the pool.

Workforce Programs

Our workforce programs are designed to help swimmers give back to their community by joining the aquatic workforce.  These programs teach swimmers customer service skills, human resource skills like communicating with your employer, and how to fill out time cards. Our workforce camps are for swimmers age 15&Over. Swimmers that pass come away with a Red Cross lifeguard certification, and a TEAM Eugene Endorsement to work as a swim instructor or lifeguard depending on the course. Our junior workforce camps are for swimmers age 11-14. Swimmers that pass come away with a CPR and First Aid Certification. 

TEAM Clinics

TEAM Clinics are a 2-4 hour long session dedicated to a specific skill. Usually, stroke, dives, turns, power or speed.  TEAM Clinics feature special guests and are always designed to offer swimmers an extra boost in skills AND motivation.

Summer Camps

TEAM Summer Camps are divided into two age groups, 10&U and 11-14. These camps are a week long. Mini Camps are generally 2-3 days long. Camps go through a series of motivational talks, team-building activities, and a TON of stroke work and technical development.  Camps always provide snacks and drinks each day, prizes at the end of camp, as well as a swim journal to help them keep track of all they learned at camp. Summer Camp costs

Swim Meets

TEAM offers 2 different types of swim meets. Our mini-meets happen 1 time per month and are between 1 and 3 hours and include TEAM Eugene Swimmers from all 7 locations. These are held usually at Willamalane, however, occasionally, we have these at the Y or Amazon. These meets are geared toward our green groups and senior varsity; however, any TEAM swimmer is always welcome to join.  Our TEAM Invitationals are required for all our Grey and Blue Groups. Senior Varsity also has the option to attend as well.  To attend these meets swimmers must be a member of USA Swimming.   Blue and Grey groups also attend away meets, some of which are also required. Some away meets are team travel meets which generally happen 1 or 2 times per season. TEAM travel meets are usually required for those groups that attend. Please see our blue and grey group requirements page for more details on those. 

Awards Night

TEAM hosts a formal awards night once a year at the end of March. Here our Athlete reps host the night as we go though awards for each of our groups including most improved, TEAM Way, and IMX awards. There is also a TEAM photo booth there. We also say goodbye to our senior swimmers and recap the season. Every TEAM member is invited to attend. We generally provide some type of dinner and ask families to bring in their favorite snacks, drinks, or treats to share.  This is a “get dressed up” super fun event that we ask all to attend.

TEAM get-togethers

Each group including masters usually has 1-2 TEAM get-togethers each season. These are optional events for swimmers to get to know each other and are a great way for swimmers to connect outside of the pool. TEAM board parent representatives are in charge of arranging these get-togethers. Past get-togethers have been at Get Air, hosted at a members house, Boob Keifer Center, at restaurants in town, Mini Golf, or Round 1.