Join our TEAM Eugene Masters Program! 

Email us for the most up to date schedule: [email protected]

Cost:  registration is $20, plus $53 per month.  Get a free TEAM cap with a new swimmer registration! 

Click HERE to view our practice schedule. Masters is listed at te bottom (the top is our youth programing) 


TEAM Eugene Aquatic Masters is dedicated to making swimming available for all levels of swimmer. We have locations all around Springfield and Eugene and are constantly looking to expand into new locations and practice times. Dues are $53 per month, however we have a scholarship program and options to volunteer in order to reduce dues. 
We run several different workouts in each practice to accommodate multiple levels of swimmers. We start practices with a strong foundation in technique to prevent long term injuries and then offer several different levels of work out to meet the level of recent D1 graduates to adults looking for low impact exercise and increased water safety.