TEAM Gear 

TEAM Cap-Swimmers get a free cap on their first day of practice, new members only.  Coaches have caps available at most practices and at swim meets, for those needing a new cap. Swimmer accounts are billed for the cap in the same or the following month.  Swimmers can earn different color caps for qualifying for different swim meets and for certain practice/dryland challenges. 

  • Swimmers must wear a navy TEAM cap to all swim meets. 
  • Different color TEAM caps can be worn at the meet they earned it
  • Swimmers must wear TEAM caps to most swim practices. Some groups have special days where they can wear a choice cap. Contact coaches for more info. 

TEAM Shirt swimmers get a free TEAM shirt when they first join the team.  We email out a TEAM Merch order form near the start of each season and you must fill out the form to get the free shirt.  TEAM shirts are also available for purchase at most TEAM-hosted meets through the shirt vendor on deck. These can usually be customized. TEAM shirts and other customized logo wear is always available through the Swimoutlet TEAM store.

  • Swimmers must wear a TEAM shirt to swim meets. Check each meets event page for what color to wear on what day. All color shirts can be purchased through the Swimoutlet TEAM Store and through our TEAM Merch Order at the start of each season. 

Required gear including goggles and swimsuits, are available through the Swimoutlet TEAM Store.  Click on the previous link, or visit the store in the drop-down menu under the Suits and Gear tab.

Each group requires different gear for practices like fins, a kick board, and a pull buoy. TEAM provides most of the gear for free to the swimmers. We do charge a $30 deposit to swimmers when they first join the team, however, that deposit is returned when swimmers return all gear at the end of their time with us.  Additional gear for blue and gray groups may be required like paddles, fins, snorkels, and tempo trainers. TEAM will order the required gear for swimmers at the start of the season and your TEAM account will be charged.